About Bud

Intro to Bud...

The way banks and other financial institutions look, behave and communicate is traditionally boring. They don’t inspire. They never excite. And they rarely engage people. We’re about to change all that...

Bud has created a fully customisable platform, linking all financial services in one place for banks to deploy seamlessly to their customers, people expect technology to be modern, slick, creative and engaging. We are bringing that experience to financial services.

The company is entering a period of rapid growth! We need to boost our creative output, improve the consistency of brand message and innovate with our marketing and content strategies.

Cool stuff about Bud

Bud is a tech company that is changing financial services. Now, I know what you are thinking: “financial services, no way!” but bear with us...

Bud is a multi-award winning company, founded in 2015. We have been featured in the BBC, Techcrunch, Sky News and Forbes.

- Winner: Product of the Year, British Bank Awards '18
- Winner: Innovation of the Year, British Bank Awards '17
- Finalist: Most Investable company, CrowdFest '16
- Finalist: Innovation of the Year, Banking Horizon '16

We are a driven bunch with unique backgrounds, from music production and astrophysics to advertising and economics. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we don’t do egos.

What I’m trying to say is, although we work in finance, this place is unique. We are a group of young people in East London changing the way banking works in a way that doesn’t feel like work. So come and join us.

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